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May 07 2014

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An awesome punch!

Madly Runt 9713

Good blog about martial arts training
Tags: karate
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April 30 2014

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Excellent pi of a kama

Aboard Cadre 9242 - Blog

Yes this is another one of those martial art and karate blogs!

Who wants more ice cream? I do!
— My daughter Racheal
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How you can take the back in MMA. Learn more at http://frailgesture7825.page.tl

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Had to post this…. it is sooo funny!

Website of Mavis Lowchen4!

Some different info on martial arts and kung fu.

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Take a look at these ninja tools!!! See other martial arts stuff.

February 19 2014

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New Photos: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy' | USA Today

That is a sweet looking picture

Modern self defense systems

A look into the world of modern martial arts and self defense. 

February 17 2014

The 3 Types of Samurai Swords

The 3 Types of Samurai Swords

When selecting a sword you will have three different kinds to choose from. The katana, the Wakizashi and the Tanto. A Japanese Katana Blade is among the most preferred among hobbyists and also martial arts students.

The katana was the very first and…

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February 14 2014


Awesome Web-site I Discovered

By the way, look what My wife and I have discovered. Remarkably brainy looking site.

Love This Particular Blog Post

We’re nearly always searching for brand new martial art websites. Discovered one

February 13 2014

What exactly is a martial-art style?


A martial art style can be explained as any kind of ability that could be used in combat. The term martial means “military.” Consequently, a martial art style is really a military skill.

The primary things which generally spring to mind whenever talking about present day karate are jumping,…

I have always wondered what the exact terminology was. I guess now I know LOL!

Martial Arts Schools Responsibility


To begin with all karate schools should make their students have responsibility for their actions. The Martial arts school has built an accountability process in which pupils will be taught to be responsible for their marks in class. Put simply, if your little one is performing badly within their…

This is true! Each dojo needs to make sure they do this!

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